Once you have begun assembling the raw materials of your Information Security program, the next step is to identify and understand how you generate the value from the various pieces of data. Typically, as security professionals, we are have a variety of different data types from an even larger number of sources. As discussed in the Inbound Logistics section, sitting at this great confluence of enterprise data is a luxury not afforded to the majority of our peers within the organization.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for us to add value and deliver it to the appropriate stakeholders in a way that provides high quality decision support.

Over the years, we have seen a number of ways that we can create or add value to the data we are processing. These ways include correlation, prioritization, and validation.

In the example of a shoemaker, this is the equivalent of actually making the shoes. Dying and cutting the leather. Stitching the pieces to the rubber soles. Adding laces. These all work to create a pair of shoes, which has a markedly higher value that the constituent parts.

Shoes are more complicated than you thought, right?

Shoes are more complicated than you thought, right?

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