What the Business Model of Security Can Do For You


Do More With Less

Learn how to let the business drive where to deploy your limited resources most effectively.

Improve Alignment

Engage your business stakeholders and align security goals.

Fix Broken Processes

Find the right metrics to guide your program success.

Optimize Your Talent

Getting the right mix of talent and ambition is critical to both your own career progression, as well the ongoing success of your team.

What your peers think about all of this...

Engaging, interesting, intelligent, makes you think, pragmatic and more!!!

Valuable information and insight that helps me think outside of the typical IT Security box.

Excellent subject matter; very fresh perspective. Thanks.

This was one of the best one day sessions I have attended in a while. Most half day seminars are a waste of travel time – this was well worth the hour+ drive each way and I would do it again tomorrow. :-)


An idea grows up…

The Role of Security and Audit in Driving and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

The Business Model of Security was originally developed with my very first “shared services” delivery model back in 1994, and further refined as I worked with other organizations throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s.

In 2001, I began assembling the Business Model of Security into a cohesive method for delivering quality decision support for enterprise stakeholders into a package of tools and methods with the hope of replicating the idea further.

This material continued to grow as (ISC)2 invited me to develop a curriculum for their Security Leadership Series and was first presented to this wider audience in Seattle, WA on February 5th, 2009. Since that day, we have gone on to deliver this curriculum to thousands of security and audit professionals in over two dozen US cities and to hundreds more people via the web. It has continued to evolve based upon the near constant research we are doing in this field and the feedback from the community.

Through the process of developing and maintaining the curriculum, we amass quite a lot of ancillary materials that do not make into the final cut for presentation. Historically, we have bundled this material up and made it available on CD or USB drive for free to anyone who attended the live event. In this case, considering the vast amount of information and the continued development of it, we have decided to try something new and publish our research notes and our background materials online for the community to consume and comment on. We are hoping that this allows the conversations started in the live events to spill over into the virtual world and continue to flourish.

We look forward to your feedback and insights,
Brandon Dunlap and The Brightfly team